Welcome to BDS! Gladstone Tax & Accounting

Since 1980, BDS has provided a full range of accounting and tax services to businesses throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Our experience helps us to understand the challenges facing today’s business world.  Our staff will help you meet those challenges and allow your company growth in these changing times.


Our Mission

BDS will provide the necessary tools which will:

  • Ensure clients compliance with government regulations
  • Process Financial Information
  • Serve as Advocates
  • Train and
  • Consult

In a quality, ethical, accurate, and timely manner.


Our Purpose

As a principle provider, our purpose is to ensure our clients success by:

  • Providing Financial Information
  • Assisting in Decision Making
  • Increasing Net Worth

Our Vision

To be the principle provider of solutions to business and individuals through consulting, education, and computer services.